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Our Approach

As an ethical fashion e-shop, we never use any material or component of animal origin.

The materials offered are innovative and offer a painless alternative to animal leather and/or recycled materials that allow them to have a second life for a more sustainable fashion.


The world of faux-leather is in a state of flux and new, more sustainable options are constantly emerging. We are always on the lookout to discover and offer new vegan and sustainable materials.


This cruelty-free choice goes hand in hand with the creation of an ecologically sustainable artisanal supply chain based on respect for the environment, health, location and working conditions of the artisans.

LABEL PLANTE has chosen excellent alternatives to traditional leather in terms of durability, comfort  and craftsmanship.


These include pineapple leather 🍍, microfiber🧵, PU 🧶, PET ♻️, cactus leather 🌵, apple leather🍎, organic grain leather 🌾, grape leather 🍇 etc.


We also use cork, organic cotton, natural or recycled rubber, recycled materials and many other innovative and planet-friendly materials.


Our main objective is to offer beautiful products with a beautiful story and not to abandon aesthetics for ethics.